On Display: Brief Breakdown

On our first day back from the summer break in the morning we were given a brief introduction to branding through a presentation delivered by Theo. I found this presentation helpful as it gave me an insight as to what branding is about and some ways in which you can go about creating a successful brand. In the afternoon we were presented with our first major project brief of the year called ‘On Display’. This branding project was to last for six weeks and we were expected to explore the subject of the brand in a broad manner. The brief explains that we are expected to form a strong conceptual understanding of a politically / culturally / socially significant subject matter
and to develop graphic language appropriate to a theme of our choice.

The themes we were allows to choose from are as follows;

  • Artisan
  • Author(ship)
  • Beyond Boarders
  • Brutalist Architecture
  • Codification
  • Etymology
  • Glitch
  • Modify
  • Uniform
  • Widerife

We were told that we are allowed to interpret these themes how we choose as long as it is related to the theme in some way.

Essentially, our task was to create a brand and ephemera for our chosen theme to present in an exhibition. We were told that we would never actually present our brands in a real life exhibition but that we were to create the necessary materials commonly found in an exhibition. It was explained that we were to create a unique name for our exhibition identity and develop our brands through the use of a graphic system. We were informed that the visual language we develop for our brands must stay consistent across all of our final outcomes. This includes; typography, imagery, colour scheme, grids, dimensions, etc. The exhibition space was to be chosen by us and that we are allowed to pick an existing gallery space or an alternative space.

Deliverables: Printed exhibition ephemera

All are to be printed in full colour and high quality

  • An 8pp ‘booklet’
  • Two different posters
  • Four A3 portfolio pages which must include;

1). The visual identity / marque

2). At least 2 examples or digital
presence (could include an app,
website, web/app advertisement, digital
projection, etc.

3). Computer generated visuals
of how a signage & wayfinding
systems would work within the space

4). Promotional installation / spatial
communication outside of the chosen
exhibition space (e.g. billboard)

Deliverables: Digital Submissions

  • Research and Development PDF
    which should include working method
    i.e. research, ideation, conceptual
    development, design development and
    final outcomes.
  • Animated moving identity

Despite this project being fairly tough as there is a lot more work expected and that there is a higher quality expected from me coming into second year, I was excited to get started and explore the many avenues I could go down with my brand.









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